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WomanSage Success Stories

At a WomanSage salon, founder Jane Glenn Haas mentioned the fear shared by many women of becoming a bag lady. I wondered how an educated, professional woman of advanced age becomes a bag lady. A few years ago, that fear seemed a real possibility.
My finances suffered during years of caring for my aging mother. Working as a freelance writer I was able to spend time with her, but it was difficult to earn a living. After my mother died, I sought steady employment but my wardrobe, image, skills and contacts were obsolete. I needed advice, direction, contacts and confidence. Through the TM program, my financial planner helped me to simplify my finances and look at the total picture, my career coach helped me to find direction and contacts, my color consultant helped me find the look that was best for me. As a result, I am expanding my on-line writing business, making new contacts and exploring efforts in other areas with greater confidence and the willingness to acquire new skills for more opportunities beyond hauling bags.
I feel better now than I have in years. I met women from all walks of life and each had their own problems. We bonded and formed friendships. I learned how to care for myself, feel better and go forward with happiness in my heart. I work each and every day to be all that I can be. I am more outgoing, friendly, giving and loving. This is all due to this wonderful program! Thank you.
My experience with TM was only a positive one. I believe the best benefit I received was knowing I wasn't alone in the big unknown of daily life. The fears, insecurities and doubts were shared in different ways by the variety of wonderful women I meet during my time. I had always taken care of others and I believe it was the beginning of knowing that it was okay to focus on my needs which ultimately will affect my future. I would like to add that Linda Edwards made the whole experience very personal and special. She is an amazing individual. I have continued in various personal growth avenues and can say that I am definitely not the same women as I was a year ago. Financially I still have my goals, but know that doesn't define who I am.
After my position was eliminated at a comprehensive high school, it was a shock to be out of work for the first time in 32 years. It enabled me to care for my in-laws, who were nearing the end of their lives, but we were also financially tight with 2 daughters in college.
I found out about the TM program through WomanSage and for the first time in my life I worked with a life coach, a financial coach, had my colors done, received valuable wardrobe hints and much more. My job search skills were sharpened and I had the opportunity to meet women from all walks of life and gained invaluable hands-on information. The program gave me back my confidence and dignity that I had lost during the very difficult time of being unemployed. WomanSage's TM program was the most comprehensive program I ever found.
I am happy to report that I started working for Elite, a division of Thomson, Reuters.